Thursday, December 12, 2002

To Do
1. Get tree but not decorate it till the family comes.
2. Find, unpack, and wash the Christmas dishes.
3. Take Isabel to the vet. (Note: Must first make appointment.)
4. Finish up last bit of shopping, which includes forcing myself to purchase the GTA4 Vice City Sound Track Boxed Set for my husband. *Gags*
5. Replenish the barren cupboards ASAP.
6. Make something for a Potluck on Sunday night.
7. Get guest rooms ready for family visitors.
8. Keep the peace between family members when I tell the in-laws I won't see them on Christmas day. (I have two families now and must learn to make concessions, i.e. I must sacrifice time with my own family who is only all together this one time a year.)
9. Clean and stock the basement bathroom with necessary cleaning supplies in case we start having a little too much fun.
10. Make Orange Refrigerator Cookies or suffer the wrath of my husband.
11. Plan and execute our office Christmas party, which no one wants any part of.
12. Drink.

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