Thursday, December 19, 2002

got a cat named Easter, he says "will you ever learn?"...

Last night, Kevin and I went back to the Vet to pay for Isabel's stuff, and to see if we could possibly bring her home early. No such luck, which I knew would happen. I tried telling Kevin this - they don't want her sutures to come out so they keep her over night for observation. Kevin got wicked crabby and asked if we could at least see her. The Vet said no, so Isabel doesn't get excited and bleed all over the place. Plus, she's still drugged with pain meds. You would have thought Kevin's only son was on his deathbed, the way he was reacting. He pouted and cursed all the way home in the car. True enough, I'm sure he'll be an excellent father when the time comes, but if he's like this with a kitten, I can't imagine how he'll behave with children!

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