Saturday, May 19, 2007


Every muscle in my body aches today. I mean it. Even my shins hurt. Why, you ask? Adopt-A-Highway. Yesterday afternoon, my entire office save one was out on I-590 picking up trash. For four miles. All for the perks of free advertising - the firm gets its name on two small signs in both the North and Southbound directions.

Don't get me wrong - I love the liberal overtones this activity has. As an environmentally-conscious, compulsive recycler, I loved that we were doing our part to keep our community somewhat clean. However, people in this city are PIGS. There were areas along the road where we were ankle-deep in cigarette butts. Ew.

Last night, when it was all over, and I had recovered after a hot shower and a cat-nap, I was re-telling my account of the highway clean-up at dinner with Ryan, Kirk, and Kristi. The weirdest things we found: 2 bras and half a bicycle. Not surprising finds were the dozens of empty beer cans and bottles. Oh, the irony.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

3 margaritas and i open my checkbook

One of my co-workers threw a Silpada jewelry party yesterday evening. I went only because the part of me that felt obligated to attend won out over the more apathetic part that wanted to stay home with the dog, watch the Friday re-run of Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, and relax after a long week.

I was pretty bored at first. Admittedly, the jewelry was attractive and boy, I do love shiny silver things. I finally loosened up after a margarita. It was nice to chat with my two other co-workers who felt the same obligation. One of them left after only a half an hour, but Heather and I stayed almost until the bitter end. I stayed because of the margaritas. She stayed because I think she was actually having fun. After three margaritas, I ended up purchasing a set of sterling dangle earrings and a stacked bamboo necklace. I had my eye on a few other items - a funky, chunky turquoise necklace that would look nice with the dress I intend to wear to Anne and Sean's wedding in July. I couldn't justify spending $110 on it, after spending $500 at the vet this week, and another few hundred on a gift for my mother for Mother's Day.

At least now I have a connection with Silpada. The woman for whom my co-worker was hosting the party had quit her day job THAT DAY because she is doing so well selling this stuff. She was a paralegal at a law firm. Hmmm. Interesting coincidence.