Saturday, May 19, 2007


Every muscle in my body aches today. I mean it. Even my shins hurt. Why, you ask? Adopt-A-Highway. Yesterday afternoon, my entire office save one was out on I-590 picking up trash. For four miles. All for the perks of free advertising - the firm gets its name on two small signs in both the North and Southbound directions.

Don't get me wrong - I love the liberal overtones this activity has. As an environmentally-conscious, compulsive recycler, I loved that we were doing our part to keep our community somewhat clean. However, people in this city are PIGS. There were areas along the road where we were ankle-deep in cigarette butts. Ew.

Last night, when it was all over, and I had recovered after a hot shower and a cat-nap, I was re-telling my account of the highway clean-up at dinner with Ryan, Kirk, and Kristi. The weirdest things we found: 2 bras and half a bicycle. Not surprising finds were the dozens of empty beer cans and bottles. Oh, the irony.

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