Monday, September 30, 2002

More Stress Than It's Worth

Kevin and I are supposed to have dinner with his parents tonight, to discuss the "Master Plan". By this I refer to our wedding arrangements thus far. While I know that his parents are well-intentioned, they have started getting on my nerves in a big way. Kevin freaked out last night about the wedding, which I don't understand because he hasn't had to make a decision about anything yet. The dinner tonight is supposed to calm his anxieties, I think. But I know how it will go...future Mom & Dad-in-Law will give us suggestions, and we will be obligated to consider said suggestions. This has already happened several times in the last 2 weeks since we announced the engagement.

I am very picky and stubborn. I have a picture in my head of exactly the way I want things to be for this wedding and following reception. I am in favor of going completely against tradition and doing things uniquely and differently. Luckily, Kevin and I agree on most everything, from the level of formality to the kind of music played and alcohol served. Unfortunately, we are meeting obstacles from everyone else. We understand that his parents may feel like they have a larger burden to bear than some, because the event in it's entirety will be held at their home. But come on! Don't keep telling us that it's "our day" and then try to make all the decisions yourselves! Grr! If I hear "you might want to rethink that" one more time, I'm going to crack some skulls!

A Love-Hate Relationship

I love Autumn. I love watching the leaves change colors. I love wearing wool sweaters. I love backyard bonfires. I DO NOT love Halloween. Granted, yesterday afternoon I made a trip to the farmer's market where I purchased an assortment or gourds and punkins. Granted, I dug out my seasonal decorations and spruced up the house a bit. I will probably also answer the door for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters come 31 October. But it will be with some trepidation. Inevitably something bizarre always happens to me on Halloween. I recall being traumatized at 3 or 4 years of age when my next door neighbor, dressed as Tony the Tiger, lunged at me after my parents urged me to answer the door. Since then it has been like pulling teeth to get me to even participate in any such Halloween-ish activites.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

And....they're off!

Today marked the first day of true wedding-stuff shopping, courtesy of future mom-in-law. We had a lovely, very lady-like afternoon luncheon at The Tea Room at Ashley Place. I felt very dainty, indeed...the best jasmine tea I've ever had was served to me in the tiniest, most fragile tea cup imaginable. I had a lovely cranberry and almond chicken salad, Waldorf salad, and a tiny deviled egg. Then Mom-in-Law's cell phone went off and we were promptly hustled out of the tea room.

We browsed around Pat Catan's a while, collecting an assortment of silk flowers to use for the trellis under which I will be married. Then we headed to the A.I. Root candle factory warehouse. Yummy! I was going to pick out a Unity Candle, but I felt weird doing it without Kevin.

We booked my flower order on the way home, when we decided on a whim to stop at a nursery, Barco's Liberty Gardens. We walked in, and there they were...the most gorgeous Gerbera Daisies I have ever seen. I love them! Finally! Mom-in-Law had been set on using silk flowers until she saw these daisies. We immediately ordered 40 plants. I can't wait!!

Back at Mom-in-Law's house, before I could leave to go home, we had to go pull Kevin and Lou and the truck out of the mud. Yes, yes. Again. Ever since Lou got his 4-Wheeler, they have been like little boys again, coming home caked in mud after hours of riding that thing. I refuse to get on that thing without a helmet. Since there's no helmet law in Ohio, it looks like I will be the party pooper till the 4-Wheeler poops out!

Woo hoo! Here I go!

I am jumping on the band wagon. In recent months, I have become addicted to reading blogs. Isn't it only fair that my many friends get to peek into my life, too?
OK, let's see if this works.