Monday, December 30, 2002

game on!

Wow, what a busy last week or so, which explains my lack of posting. So many good things happened, I couldn't possibly go into detail over them all...

My family was here, and actually Mums and Dud are leaving this morning while I'm at work. They've been here for a week, and surprisingly I haven't wanted to kill them. Kevin even suggested they stay through New Year's, to which they declined. I guess my Dad's got to get home for an x-ray on his leg. Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas with lots of food, fun, and presents. Now it's back to work. Blah.

Everything went by so fast that it's hard to remember all the stressful anticipation I experienced. January, when it comes, is always such a let down. The months ahead, however, will be filled with wedding planning. Yep. Time to get back at it again. *Sighs*

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