Monday, June 23, 2003

You are the center of your universe

I had a nice weekend, these past two days. Courtney came out for a much-needed visit.
After preparing a really gross tuna/tomato/cheese dish, we indulged ourselves in leftover cake and champagne. While watching slides. As planned, we got out our Australia pictures and journals and laughed ourselves silly over our anecdotal memories. It's funny how we each remember different things about that trip.

A relaxing morning where we didn't have to do a thing - Kevin cooked us breakfast. We stuck around to watch the 3 truckloads of dirt get dumped in my backyard (it's level now!), then headed off to do the day's activities. First, Courtney got the tour of Berea and Baldwin-Wallace. Then it was on to Mazzone's so I could pay the Baker for our wedding pastries. Next was the highlight of the day - The Cleveland Museum of Art. We spent hours in there, walking around, commenting on what we liked and why. My favorite still is the Armored Court, while I think Courtney liked the 2 Picasso galleries the most. We drove through Little Italy on the way up to Coventry, where we walked around for a bit. We grabbed a coffee and headed home about 5.

Went to brunch at 1 in Olmsted Falls, then went to a Flea Market across the street at the Grand Pacific Junction Historic Shopping District. We climbed on the trains, but it was so hot we didn't stay long. I don't think I was in the sun for more than an hour or so, but my skin got roasted.
Courtney left about 3, and I used the remainder of the day to re-pot some plants and bake cupcakes. Very relaxing.

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