Thursday, June 19, 2003

Our Own Reunion

This weekend Courtney is coming in for a pre-Wedding visit. We are both so excited we can hardly keep it together. Courtney and I met just over 11 years ago, through the People to People International Student Ambassador Program, in a crowded classroom for our introduction to Australia meeting, back at IHS in 1992. (I have to laugh when I start naming years I did things...seems so long ago.) Anyway, we really hit it off on the plane to New Zealand, since we had hours and hours and hours to kill. It was instant-friendship for us. Last year was our 10th year anniversary of the trip and we wanted to celebrate it. She and I sort of made attempts at organizing a reunion, but despite our efforts we just couldn't get it together.

So, this weekend we're having our own reunion, complete with pictures, slide shows, travel journals, memories, souvenirs, and lots and lots of alcohol. Heh heh. I'm really looking forward to it.

Isn't this ironic..."People to People - the power of people, acting as individuals, to respond imaginatively to the world's need for peace." -- President John F. Kennedy, who was one of nine U.S. Presidents, including George W. Bush, to serve as People to People's Honorary Chairman

Yet another reason why my Kennedy-obsession is justifiable.

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