Thursday, June 12, 2003

One Month and Counting...

The "big day" is exactly one month away. I think we pretty much have everything under control. Last weekend we took care of the rest of the bakery (little tarts in many flavors...yum!), the guys' clothing (we decided tuxes would be easiest, cheapest, and classier than anything else), I purchased my, a-hem, "Bridal Underwear" (nothing exciting....thank you, Courtney!), and we got more flowers and plants to make our yard pretty for our party.

However, I'm going back to Rochester this weekend for my final dress fitting and I don't have my shoes yet! Yesterday after work I went to 7 shoe stores and nothing. I came home with a lovely pair of black sandals, but no wedding shoes. I have the strangest looking feet, so nothing looks right on them. I must have been to every shoe store in Northeast Ohio. I think I'll go back to Kohl's tonight after work and purchase the pair I thought came the closest to not making me look like I have elephant-feet.

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