Monday, June 30, 2003

"Aw!", "Ew!", & "Whew!"

Yeah, that about sums up my weekend. In addition to working an extra 7 hours of overtime (which was a lot better than the 16 I thought I was going to have to work), here's a re-cap of the weekend's events:

Worked 10 - 2. I then hit Old Navy to purchase the annual, matching $5 Flag T-shirts, as I do every year. Kevin gets a kick out of wearing matching clothes with me. Then I hit up Home Depot's sale on Perennials, where I got a ton of Coreopsis, and also some Zinnias and Blanket Flowers.

After I came home, Kevin convinced me he wanted to go to the Brecksville Home Days. Little did I know this was a trick! Instead of going to Brecksville, he took me to Center Woods, where we hiked a ways out till we could see the Cleveland skyline. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky. Kevin then produced a small box from the pocket of his shorts and opened it. Inside were our wedding rings. Aw! I didn't want to see mine before the wedding, but he was so anxious to show me. Probably, because the my ring is more like an engagement ring than a wedding ring, since there really was no formal proposal. I was a mess - crying all over him. Mostly because I was a total pill hiking to the spot - I kept tripping on branches and rocks, stubbing my toes, complaining the entire time. Then he brought out the rings and I felt like such a jackass. LOL

That night, we worked out in the yard, doing some landscaping around our snowball tree and transplaning some grass plants. We wanted to get everything ready for Sunday, the day of roto-tilling and grass planting. I was in the middle of transplanting some Iris bulbs, when I discovered a mass of carpenter ants in the landscaping timbers next to the garage. Grossness. So, it was back to Home Depot again, at 11pm, to get ant spray. And I was a wreck. Covered in dirt and filth, wearing ripped jeans and a ripped t-shirt. I was a sight to behold.

Played my service in the morning, then headed back to work where I "worked" from 12 - 3. Kevin had gotten up at 5:30am that morning to go out and finish getting the yard ready. His parents came over early, tilled the backyard and the back garden, put down the grass seed and hay, and watered. We have grass planted!! Whew. I planted the Coreopsis in the front, gave our Weeping Cherry Tree a massive haircut, and pulled out all the Creeping Myrtle that had started to take over the front flower bed.

I am exhausted.

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