Monday, January 06, 2003

i wish i knew how to sew

Over the Christmas holiday while my family was visiting, I got out my grandmother's wedding dress. It's been boxed and preserved for years, so it was really an experience opening it. I promised my mother I would try it on, but reserved the right to veto it, if it wasn't what I wanted to wear in the wedding. I felt like I was visiting with a ghost when I opened the boxes in which it was contained; like I was opening a grave or something. It was very mystical, really. The dress was very plain, very simple, with a high collar and poofy short sleeves, made out of a very sheer fabric. Grandma must have worn a petticoat beneath it, in 1935. Unfortunately, the dress wasn't preserved very well - there were a few moth holes in it, and it was very yellowed from age. Not in wearing condition at all. The good news is, however, that Julia's mother has graciously agreed to look at the dress to determine if she'd be able to create a replica of it - as a wedding gift to Kevin and me. With a few changes to the style, and a different fabric, I think this would make the perfect wedding dress.

I will not, however, be able to call Julia's Mom by her first name. I just can't! I've known her since Julia and I were in like, 5th grade and have never called her by her first name. It's too weird. :o)

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