Thursday, January 23, 2003

craziness and aggravation

I'm going to rant:
1. I still don't have my car back. I still have not heard jack from either insurance company, mine or the woman who hit me. No one returns phone calls in either office, and every important person to whom I'm supposed to speak is always out of the office at just the right time.
2. Snow blows. So do sub-zero temperatures.
3. My mother-in-law is nuts. She decided to clean out her closet and wanted to give me some skimpy lingerie she can no longer wear. What was she thinking?!?!? Why would I ever want to wear lingerie hand me downs, especially from Kevin's mother?! That's just wrong! And gross.
4. This blog aggravates me. I'm thinking of quitting the whole thing altogether. (But then how would I occupy my time at work? Hmmm.)
5. I wonder when Julia is going to post her news. If she's going to post her news.

Maybe I'll get my comments up and running again. Maybe I won't. We'll see.

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