Friday, July 16, 2004


First, before I post, *EXPLETIVE DELETED*.
I had another post but it is now lost.  Balls.  Hopefully I can remember what it was I had written.....*thinks*
Anyway, the bulk of my time in the last week or so has been spent on wedding preparations.  I depart for Buffalo in exactly one week.  What I have been doing (mostly wedding-related):
1.  Picked up the bridesmaid dress and obsessed over the fact that it does not fit quite right.  Scrambling now to have alterations completed in time so that I will not be forced to skip down the aisle in merely my unmentionables and my ultra-cute, a-la-Audrey-Hepburn kitten heels.
2.  Driven all over town looking for an appropriate wedding gift.  Found one...custom...will be ready for pick up on Thursday. 
3.  Consumed copious amounts of beer that have resulted in the participation in some very interesting conversations, including the following:
  TJ:  (something about the matching orange, "crabby" pants we both happened to be wearing at the same time)
  Me:  Take my pants off! 
  (roaring fits of laughter)
  Brett:  I masturbate a lot...I wore out a porno DVD.
  Random Guy in Bar:  Which one?!?!?
4.  Experiencing mad food cravings, including ice cream, cheeseburgers, french fries, pizza with mushrooms (actually consumed), egg salad, corn on the cob, Caesar salad with grilled salmon, and lobster.  Ooh my stomach wants to be fed!!
5.  Racked my brain for wedding toast topics.  How does one adequately embarrass the bride and groom without pissing off their parents?  They all know where I live. 
So, if I'm getting this nervous already about a wedding which isn't even mine, I can't imagine how the Bride is feeling.  A week from tomorrow.....! 

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