Sunday, July 11, 2004

drinking madness

A short account of the very liquid-y weekend, had by all...

Friday: Many, many pitchers at MacGregor's, Lenny Kravitz played on the jukebox just for me, some scheming that was not so obvious (or was it?!?! TJ?), LOUD exclamations about relations, Julia missing her fries with the salt shaker and hitting the plate several times in a row instead, finger-wagging, lots of ass-grabbing (friends' asses and strangers' asses), and all around way too much fun. See Ryan's post for full details.

TJ trying to defeat Amazon Woman at pool.

Sean and Beth

Saturday: Oooh, the Mad Tea Party was a great success!

the fabulous 'mad' favors

Julia: "OH! They look phallic!"


Ryan said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention the ass-grabbing in my post... sheesh. Good times, those were!

~the rock-hard ass boy :op

Julia said...

I love the group shot from the Tea Party. There's Sean looking at Susan, wondering what the hell is up with her; Matt chowing down, Ben and Ryan, being.. well.. Ben and Ryan; and me looking at the viewer as if to say, "You see why they're my friends?"

Matt said...

Ryan, I told you to keep that ass-grabbing between the two of us. Shhhhhh.

Ryan said...

But I just can't help myself, I'm only human!