Friday, July 09, 2004

wandering aimlessly

I felt a little questionable last night, so we drove all over town looking for a relatively uncrowded bar. We found ourselves at O'Loughlin's around 9:30ish and discovered the Fast Ferry was about to come in and dock:

The Fast Ferry

The photos are slightly blurry due to the motion of the boat- that thing is faster than a minnow can swim a dipper. It pulled into the channel, whipped around, and docked in probably under 2 minutes, if that. It was pretty incredible to watch.

Afterwards, more wandering, and ending up at Dick & Mare's.

Note to self: Do NOT tell anyone else about how I hocked a major lung oyster on the car plastered with "W in '04" stickers, parked next to me at Kitchen's Etc.


Ryan said...

You spat on a car? I can't believe it! *gasp* The horror! ;o)

Anonymous said...

*shakes head*