Sunday, July 18, 2004

100 things about me

1.  i am a natural blonde...really
2.  i have played piano since the age of 5, harpsichord since 19, and organ since 21
3.  i love dark beer
4.  i am obsessed with Tori Amos
5.  i have 2 cats and a Cockapoo
6.  my favourite colour is red, NOT purple
7.  my closest friends are all from high school
8.  i was a Girl Scout for many, many years
9.  i lived in Cleveland for 9 years
10.  sometimes i am afraid i will never be happy
11.  i rarely think before i speak
12.  i feel years and years older than i actually am
13.  i have dreams of conducting a self-composed symphony some day
14.  i'm closer to my Dad than my Mom
15.  i am fascinated by the Kennedys
16.  i love PBS and NPR
17.  i haven't watched TV in 2 months (except for Jeopardy)
18.  i do crosswords in ink
19.  i love the Happy Bunny
20.  i am a registered Democrat
21.  i emphatically believe the government does not belong in my crotch or my bedroom
22.  i own every book written by Margaret Atwood
23.  i am a closet hippie
24.  i love the beach
25.  i am fiercely devoted to my family
26.  i am the eldest child
27.  i can consume an entire pizza by myself
28.  i am more like my mother than i like to admit
29.  i can't bake
30.  i write a lot of erotic poetry
31.  i love to garden
32.  i hate sports but will tolerate them if necessary
33.  i like hairy men (but not on the back)
34.  i do not have a cell phone
35.  i love cheeseburgers
36.  i avoid going to the mall at all costs...
37.  ...even though i have a clothes fetish
38.  i curse like a sailor
39.  i go to church every Sunday
40.  i like to take naps
41.  i have never had a manicure
42.  i send cards to everyone i know at holidays
43.  85% of my wardrobe is black
44.  i was once locked out of the Southern Tier Brewery
45.  i'll do anything once, just so i'll have a story to tell afterward
46.  i could spend hours under a hot shower
47.  i never shave my legs in winter
48.  i randomly quote song lyrics and movie lines all the time
49.  i get crabby and cynical when i'm tired
50.  i am a morning person
51.  my pet peeves include people who don't signal when driving, bad manners, backseat drivers, bad spellers, and people who have bad breath
52.  i dislike food that is flavoured like other food, i.e. sour cream & chive potato chips and anything barbecue flavoured but barbecue sauce
53.  Mexican is my favourite type of food
54.  i hate miniature golf
55.  i can't ice skate
56.  it took me 5 years to learn Euchre
57.  i am compulsive about cleaning
58.  i hate Yoda and ET - it seriously creeps me out when people impersonate their voices 
59.  i drink tea and coffee
60.  i love all things chocolate
61.  i am impatient
62.  listening to rain puts me to sleep
63.  my collection of Classical music outnumbers my collection of everything else
64.  i took tennis lessons in high school, played softball, and was a lifeguard for 4 years
65.  i want to have children some day
66.  i'm dying to go to Europe
67.  i sometimes feel like no one really knows or understands who i am
68.  i like it when boys 'get it'
69.  i have kept a journal since 5th grade
70.  i've always wanted to travel Route 66 all the way across the country, Kerouac style
71.  only recently have i learned who i am, but i still wonder how the hell i got where i am now
72.  i forget birthdays
73.  i love campfires
74.  i hate weddings
75.  i am NOT girly
76.  there's a piano in my bedroom
77.  if i had to choose between a back rub and sex, i'd choose the back rub, and yes i am doing it right
78.  frequently i keep myself awake at night by thinking too much
79.  i haven't flown on a plane in 12 years
80.  i love to the car, in the shower, in line in the grocery store
81.  i have a tendency toward laziness, but i call it self-examination time
82.  i don't ever wear shorts unless the temperature is above 80 degrees
83.  i make friends easily, and usually almost instantly
84.  i have tendonitis in my right shoulder
85.  i have never broken a bone (knock wood)
86.  i once saved my sister from drowning
87.  i think i look bad-ass in sunglasses
88.  i don't keep in touch with any of my ex-boyfriends
89.  i have been to a nudist beach
90.  i love weird people, and those quirky little things that make people who they are
91.  my favourite movies are gladiator movies like Spartacus and Ben-Hur
92.  i try new things whenever possible
93.  i make an interesting impression on parents...
94.  ...friends' parents usually think i'm trouble, but boyfriends' parents like me more often than not
95.  i haven't had a haircut in 3 years
96.  i have an extremely strong sense of compassion
97.  i have an extensive collection of wool sweaters and t-shirts
98.  sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong century
99.  i know what it feels like to be in love
100.  i am a Righteous Babe 


Ryan said...

Wow, you're all that and more! :o) Great list, and thorough.

Anonymous said...

very cool :)