Thursday, July 08, 2004

playing catch up

4 July
Rain, rain, and more utterly drenched on the High Falls bridge while craning our necks to see the fireworks. Afterwards, we warmed ourselves at Bru with brew.

6 July
Anne and I spent most of the day running around, finalizing the preparations for the Mad Tea Party on Saturday. It was a day of aggravation, helplessness, and car rides from Spencerport to Henrietta, to Penfield, to Victor, and back to Spencerport. With only time for about 1 margarita in between. Oh balls. As if the day couldn't have been worse, on the way back to Spencerport so Anne could pick up her car, we got stuck in a major traffic jam:

Route 531, 5:15pm on Tuesday
We sat in the car, not moving, for almost an hour. Perfect.

7 July
The best day of the week so far was yesterday. Gretchen and I got in the car around 9:30am and headed toward Jamestown. We stopped in Westfield to have lunch at the Main Street Diner. Not realizing that we weren't yet in Mayville, we headed to the library. This proved to be quite fortuitous, because we collected so much information for our research on the towns of Ellington and Poland, that we didn't even find it necessary to go to Mayville. Once we figured out we weren't there yet.

We wrapped things up around 3-ish and headed to Jamestown for a short visit with Julia and Matt. This is why I love my best friend:
Julia - Hey! Want something to drink?
Me - Yeah, do you have any beer?
Julia - Um, we have Moosehead and Blue Light
Me - Can we go to the brewery?
Julia - Sure!

So, we got back in the car and drove to Southern Tier. For the second time in the last month. HOWEVER, I'm smoking mad because as soon as we pulled in the parking lot, they locked the goddamn doors! NO!!!!!!!!!!! Julia pulled incessantly on the door handles, in disbelief, but to no avail. So we went to Weggie's and got 2 12-packs instead.

We had pizza at Pace's, and Gretchen and I were on the road to come home by 8.

And, to top off the evening, I knocked a bottle of the Mild on to the floor once we got home. It smashed. Oh balls.


Ryan said...

Ah nuts. lol

Julia said...

There's some irony in the fact that you're throwing a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and the first place didn't work out... so in a sense you've been going mad trying to get everything to work!

battlemaiden said...

Oh the madness....Christ on Joseph Conrad!

Ryan said...

The horror! The horror!