Sunday, July 18, 2004

a word to the wise

Do NOT go to Flour City.  We went last night, and in a word, AWFUL!  There was hardly anyone there, on a Saturday night, which right away gave me an uneasy feeling.  So what if they just opened at the beginning of May?  That's no reason for us to sit there a good 10 minutes after ordering our beer!  What was the server waiting for?  An engraved invitation? 
And the food...!  I ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.  The chicken wasn't grilled (it appeared to have been boiled - limp, tasteless, and room temp), nor was the salad "Caesar" (no fresh grated Parmesan, limp greens, and dressing that wasn't really Caesar).   Atleast the beer was semi-adequate.  I'll never go there again, and don't you, either!   
The only redeeming part of the evening was the company, and following things up with a pint of Guinness at Shamrock Jack's afterward.  We should have just gone there to eat.


Ryan said...

Don't be so vague, what did you really think of it? lol I wasn't terribly impressed either... poor service. My pizza was yummy, as was the beer, but the wait was waaaay too long.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe...sorry I didn't call you Saturday night. We ended up not even making plans til almost 11:00pm! (geez...haven't made plans that late since college!!! *eek* sign of getting old!!) I didn't want to call you that late :) I'm sure you didn't mind :)