Thursday, June 24, 2004

Total Relaxation

It was a comedy of errors last night. After spending all afternoon running around, I ended up being slightly late for my gig in Farmington. HOWEVER, as luck would have it, five minutes before I was supposed to play, the entire town lost power. Hah! So there were no keys. Instead, I banged on the bongos a little, did a little Keith Partridge-action on the tambourine, and sang my heart out.

We finally got on the road last night at close to 10pm, to head to Jamestown. I am now there. I had quite the leisurely morning - sleeping till 10am, having a cuppa English Breakfast, perusing Julia's Real Simple magazines, then having a fabulous shower. Mmmm. Wonder if she'll let me move in.


Julia said...

You can move in only if you become the designated chef!

battlemaiden said...

As long as that's my only responsibility!