Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Beer Makes Everything Better

For a brief account of my weekend, visit Julia's post, since she and I were pretty much together for the majority of Saturday and Sunday.

Friday: What did I do on Friday? I can't even remember!

Saturday: I didn't enjoy the October Project show as much as Julia. So what? It just wasn't the same without the warm, smoky voice of Mary Fahl. However, despite the at times ear-splitting feedback debacle, there were some moments when, musically, OP's planets were aligned.

After the show we headed to O'Loughlin's where I was forced to perform some heavy-duty eye-rolling toward my hockey-fan companions.

Sunday: I worked in the morning, then headed over to Julia's to help assemble bridal shower favors. Sunday night, I attended my first "hockey" game. If you could call it that. Rollerhockey. I felt like I was in a Corey Haim/Corey Feldman movie. Too bad the team we were rooting for lost. Ah, well. Beer makes the agony of defeat feel pretty damn good:
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Ben and Ryan drowning their sorrows and numbing their injuries.


Ryan said...

It was a bummer man, but at least you saw a couple guys you know play hockey. Or at least trying to. So how about that goalie? ;o)

battlemaiden said...

I'm undecided on the goalie. ;-)