Monday, June 21, 2004

Like Yo-Yo Ma on Speed

I was eagerly anticipating this year's Grassroots Fest in Ithaca, until I discovered that it just happens to be the same weekend as Julia's wedding. !&@^%@$*!^@%*&^%@^%#%*&^#^%#^

The principal reason for going this year was to see Hank Roberts. A few years ago, Sue heard him, bought his CD, made a copy of it for me, and I fell in love.

Hank Roberts

'...hailed by the New York Times for his ability "to shift the best elements of classical music, pop, and jazz into something new".'


Ryan said...

Man, there's just no end to what weddings interfere with.

Just kidding!!!;o) too bad though, I'd have checked that Roberts guy out.

battlemaiden said...

This wedding has ruined my entire summer social life. JUST KIDDING! Julia....geezus!