Monday, June 14, 2004

"I don't cook, but I can bake ok."

Yesterday afternoon, my Mom and I attended Julia's Bridal Shower/Tea. I'm sure Julia will post a full account herself, however I do want to state for the record, that I had a lovely time. The ladies looked fabulous, dressed from head to toe in pastels (notice the black Anne and I are wearing), hats, and even some white gloves.
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The Bridal Party - Anne, Julia the Bride, and me. 

By far, however, the most enjoyable part of the afternoon was watching Julia open her gifts. Julia loves presents. I didn't shoot any photos of that because Anne and I were swamped with the traditional Bridesmaids' duties. Anne took copious notes on the gifts, their givers, and the comments Julia exclaimed while opening them ("When you pick it up, it opens!"). Meanwhile, I created a stunning bouquet from the ribbons and bows Julia gingerly pulled off each package, despite our raucous chanting, "break it, break it!". I think it's stupid, but supposedly the Bride will have the same number of children as the number of ribbons she breaks while opening shower gifts.

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Anne, Holly, and Julia enjoying cucumber sandwiches sans the crusts, scones, and a lovely selection of teas.

Also, kudos to Julia's Mom for not making us play any of those ridiculous bridal shower games, i.e. make a wedding dress for the bride out of toilet paper.

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Ryan said...

It was alot easier being a best man... all I had to do was go to a bachelor party which I didn't even have to plan that much of, and dress up nice and give a roast & toast at the reception. Apparently you maids/matrons of honor have a tougher job!