Monday, June 28, 2004

Saturday - Focus Groups

Whew. What a fabulous weekend.

Saturday evening involved helping Ryan and Kirk clean their apartment and move stuff. At one point, Kirk suggested we stop for a short break and run across the street to Mex for a margarita. One turned into 4 each. Needless to say, nothing was accomplished after that.

The 4-Margarita Focus Group (Ryan and Kirk and the yummy margaritas.)

Later Saturday night, courtesy of Ben, we were able to see the
Dave Matthews Band Laser Light Show at the Planetarium. Julia participated in the Focus Group, while Ryan and I frantically searched for his missing car keys, which turned out to be at the bottom of my bag. Julia, ever on my wavelength, suggested the only thing I would have, had I taken part in said Focus Group: screw DMB, what about Tori?

Ben then gave us a tour of the catwalks inside the dome.

Behind the scenes.

Home to bed without any beer....:-(


Ryan said...

It was a productive day up until our margarita focus group! A good time had by all, to be sure. But who's that handsome devil on the left in the picture? :op

battlemaiden said...

Um, Kirk's on the RIGHT. LOL

Julia said...

Ben is the coolest for taking us on that tour! I've never been behind that dome-screen before. And you didn't miss out on too much beer. We were beat as it was.