Thursday, February 26, 2004

I am going out with a bang.

After today, I have one more day of work, and one more Sunday to play. Then I'm done.

We are in lock-down mode at work - Boss is distracted and panicky. He's not taking any phone calls, let alone visitors. Of the auditor-type. He insists that all the doors to the offices stay closed and LOCKED. There is so much negative energy in here one could choke; it's a foul vibe. Can you say "Bankruptcy"? Thank God I am getting out when I am. Let's just hope I get a paycheck tomorrow.

I have been without my car all week and 80s Frank is ignoring Kevin and me, I think. On Sunday, he volunteered to replace my faulty thermostat and flush out the radiator (yeah, I sound like I know what I'm talking about). However, since then he hasn't returned any of Kevin's phone calls. Kevin is rather pissed off, because this means he has to get up early to drive me to work and to choir practice. If Frank didn't want to do the side job (FOR CASH!), why not just say so? It could have been done by now. I need my car by tomorrow afternoon, because there is no freaking way I am making my husband pick up his own g-d birthday cake.

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