Friday, February 13, 2004

It turns out that the nosy-looking-in-my-car-windows-people-who-almost-caused-our-groceries-to-spoil are really interested in the house. So much so that they came back to look again yesterday afternoon. I met them this time, too. Not as bad as they had appeared to be, though their Realtor seemed ticked off that I had to come home to grab my briefcase. I had forgotten it yesterday morning in my rush to get out the door to get to work. Usually I just keep it in my car, since it's just choir music. I only use it a few times a week, not necessarily every day. But, of course, the one day I forget it....

So I stopped home on my way to choir practice to get my briefcase. The couple who is interested in the house seemed nice - early 30s with a toddler who was wearing one of those Jester/Sideshow Bob looking-type hats with the jingle bells on the ends of the points. Cute. He really wanted to play with the dog, but she was hyper and I was not willing to risk this kid getting his nose bitten just for the sake of schmoozing with the prospective buyers. Not to mention I was running late for rehearsal anyway.

The girl who is replacing me as Music Director at church was at practice last night. I don't know what all the fuss was about- the committee who hired wasn't sure they liked her much. I thought she was very sweet. And, just the mere fact that she wanted to cook me Chinese food before rehearsal next week made me fall totally in love with her! She's a little shy, but I think she will do fine. Of course, no one will do as well as me, but she's maybe the next best thing, so I think I'll feel comfortable leaving. Kind of. Well, not really. I'm sad about leaving that job...I think it's truly an uncommon thing to really LOVE your job, and love everything about it. Those people who do are very fortunate.

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