Friday, February 20, 2004

my food heaven

If ever you are given the opportunity to sample homemade Chinese food, do NOT pass it up. Fabulicious. Victoria/Ning (which is what I call her, since she's not sure if she prefers her American or her Chinese name) brought me the most wonderful chicken and green peppers dish last night. I wolfed it down in about 2 minutes before choir practice.

My parents came into town last night, so tonight we begin the 3-week long celebration of Kevin's birthday. We'll have dinner tonight at Eddie's Creekside, where my parents are sure to make me look bad with the birthday-gift-giving that will take place. Details on the presents to follow, since I'm not sure if Kevin reads this or not. He won't tell me.

By the way - I am DONE with my outlaws. Done as done can be.

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