Saturday, February 07, 2004

Full Report
Not only did I have fun at the Baby Shower, but I'm almost positive Meg, Carrie, and I almost got KICKED OUT of said Baby Shower. I think we were the only ones having a good time. At one point we were laughing so loudly, several dirty looks were shot in our direction. *smirk*

Aside from missing the exit off the Turnpike and my car nearly overheating on the way down, it was a good time.


This afternoon I am going to my very first Baby Shower. For my friend who is my age who is pregnant. Since it is snowing like crazy here in Cleveland, I am hoping that the weather is better in Akron and Youngstown. I'm going to meet Meg in Akron first, and since I have no idea how to get to Youngstown, we're going to caravan together to the shower.

I find it terribly hard to believe that already my friends are breeding. I felt the clock ticking a few years ago, but I think now my clock batteries have run out of juice or something. No ticking for the last year! Much to my husband's glee.

So last night we were in Babies R Us where ME is registered. Husband felt a little nervous, I think. I took note of how everything looked the same. Except for the cool present I got ME. I hope she likes it.

Full report, hopefully, tomorrow, as well as the latest capers of my infamous "out-law's" as they will now be called from here on.

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