Friday, May 02, 2003

nothing yet

Tonight Kevin and I are off to Rochester for a brief visit and my dress fitting. It will do us good to get out of here, even if it will only be for 24 hours. The stress of the wedding planning is starting to get to both of us.

There still has not been a resolution to the in-law problem. Kevin had a "discussion" with them the other day, but nothing was decided, really. There was a lot of guilt-tripping and yelling. I didn't even get to say my piece. They told us we had to decide what we're doing by Monday. So I have a phone call to them planned for late Sunday afternoon/evening. I just hope they are willing to hear me out and I hope they are willing to compromise. If they are not willing, then I guess we are not willing either. All I can say, however, is that my parents are being so supportive and flexible. I'm very lucky.

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