Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I spoke too soon...

We now have the final verdict on our wedding plans. Kevin's Dad called me last night to tell me they don't want to have the reception at their house. He said they thought it would be best if we did everything elsewhere. Translation: they have lost control of the planning and no longer want anything to do with it. If it's not their way, it's no way. They did however, still offer to pay for the caterer or give us the money we've already spent. This means we are back to Back-Up Plan B, and that is for us to have the wedding at the church in the early afternoon, have a punch-and-cookies reception in Fellowship Hall afterward for everyone, and that night have our immediate family, the bridal party, and our out of town friends over to our house for "Barbeque and Booze". (I like my little code name for that. Heheh.)

I think this whole ordeal has been unbelievable. Kevin doubts his parents will even show up for the wedding, let alone the Barbeque and Booze. He even thinks his mother quite possibly would cancel the shower she is throwing for me, and either send out a letter to everyone she invited, or just not tell them and turn them away at the door in order to spite me. It's too bad they feel they have to behave this way, because everyone else has been great. They will look ridiculous if they don't show up to our wedding, but that's their decision. I refuse to let them run our lives. I know that if I caved in this one time, they would try and control every decision Kevin and I ever make throughout our entire marriage. Not gonna happen!!

My parents, on the other hand, don't gove a hoot what we do, as long as we're happy. My Dad is tickled that he gets to put on his shorts and sneakers and bring the half-barrel grill, since he'll be the honourary BBQ chef. And this way we'll get to spend time with the people we never see; the people who have supported us throughout this whole thing.

Changes in wedding location: 3
Changes in reception location: 3
Number of times invitations were printed: 2
Number of arguements with in-laws: too many to count
Doing things our way: PRICELESS!

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