Tuesday, May 27, 2003

foot-in-mouth disease

Why is it that as soon as I think I can't possibly stand my mother-in-law, and after I've said some very not-nice things about, she goes and does something absolutely amazing for me?!?!

Sue and Courtney arrived about dinner time. I expected my mother and sister to arrive shortly thereafter, however, my father called to tell me my Mom had forgotten her luggage. So Courtney and I went to Pennsylvania Friday night. My Dad met us at a rest stop at the Ohio/Pennsylvania border where I picked up the forgotten luggage. Courtney and I got home about 11-11:30 that night. But I do have to say that while it was a major pain in the ass, we had a good time catching up, hearing about the last 5 years of each other's lives.

...the day of my lovely bridal shower. It was so nice - I was so touched at how many people from Kevin's side of the family attended. Kev's Mom threw a lovely party, complete with yummy food, decorate-the-bride-to-be-with-toilet-paper-games, and lots of presents. All for me. Kevin's Mom was astounding - she gave me a Queen Sized quilt which she made herself. Aside from the fact that she still thinks purple is my favorite color, the quilt is sort of a tribute to my three kitties, complete with fishbowls and patches that look almost identical to my babies. I cried the instant I saw it, then she cried, and we embraced, and it was such a nice moment between us. I couldn't believe it. And now I feel like an ass because of some of the really not-so-nice things I've said about her.

My Mom, my sister Gretchen, and I finished the butterfly party favors today and relaxed in front of the TV. We watched Adaptaion, About a Boy, and Life or Something Like It. Since Kevin, my brother Scott, and Lou were in Canada, we waited up for them to get home. When they finally came in around midnight, it was like a mini-family reunion. *Smiles*

How nice it was to sleep in for once! We had a leisurely brunch at Noon. I made a feast of French ("Freedom"?) Toast and eggs, while Gretchen made hash browns from scratch. While Kevin, Scott, and Gretchen went to Sears to use the gift card my Mom gave us as a shower present for Kevin, Mom and I went out and got my annuals. I didn't get any plants in the ground though, because it started raining right when we got home. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing with my husband before he had to go to work.

What a nice weekend. *Sighs*

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