Friday, November 29, 2002


I think I am the only one in Cleveland at work today. The roads were deserted this morning, except for the few brave shoppers who will not be intimidated by sub-zero temperatures. I also think I am catching Kevin's monster cold, which he has just started to get over. Oh great. I'm seriously thinking of heading home when someone comes in...I'm by myself for another hour possibly. Blah.

On a more positve note, we had a nice time yesterday at my Aunts'. Mom came into town Wednesday night, after taking a wrong turn (oops!) which landed her in Lakewood. She was tired. Originally we had planned to go down to Columbus Wednesday night, but since Mom never got here till after 8, we elected to go down yesterday morning instead. We had yummy turkey, and everything one eats on Thanksgiving. Dinner was followed by pecan and grape pie (ew) and a lengthy game of Trivial Pursuit. That game lasted hours. We played for about 4 hours, ending finally at 10pm with Mom in the lead (5 pie) and Aunt Marcia and I tied at 4 pie apiece. It was time to get going home. The drive back last night was smooth- no traffic or anything, but by the time we got home it was late and I was exhausted.

Kevin spent the day at his Mom's, and then paid our friend Jerry a visit. Everyone keeps asking me if it bothered me not spending Thanksgiving with my husband. It didn't, really. We would have had fun if he'd been with us, but being the only male in an estrogen-filled house was not desirable for him. Don't blame him on that one. I hate being the only girl.

Wonder if Dad and Scott got a deer yesterday...

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