Monday, November 18, 2002

driving on the vine, over clotheslines
but officer I saw the sign...

On the way to the grocery store yesterdy, Kevin pulled the Jeep over into a deserted parking lot, put it in park and got out. "You're driving," he said. I said "No f***ing way". Well, guess what. Kevin gave me my first driving-stick-lesson as I drove in circles around the parking lot at Southland.

I felt confident enough to drive over to Giant Eagle, so we're on the way and suddenly there's a stop sign. I stalled the car, and the lady behind me honked her horn at me. I panicked, stalled about 3 more times and managed to jerk the Jeep out into the middle of the road. Kevin was very calm and patient with me - a good teacher. But the lady behind me laid incessantly on her horn and I was on the verge of tears going "I can't do this!" So, Kevin gets out of the car, walks around behind it and screams at the lady "Go the f*** around!!!!" She stopped honking her horn. LOL I was laughing hysterically, and barely managed to get the clutch/ gas thing long enough to park it. My legs were shaking by the time I turned off the ignition and we laughed ourselves silly all through the grocery store.

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