Thursday, November 21, 2002

so I let Crazy take a spin

It's going to get really busy this weekend! I'm so excited for my visitors, though. Sue, Matt, and Julia will be arriving tomorrow. Julia and Matt are stopping en route to Columbus to visit another friend. Sue and I are headed to Columbus on Saturday to visit with my Aunt and to see the Tori Amos show that night.

Next week, though, it gets really crazy:
Monday: 2 Choir rehearsals
Tuesday: Bell Choir Rehearsal, Beth visits
Wednesday: Beth goes to Indiana, Mom visits and we go to Columbus
Thursday: Thanksgiving in Columbus, driving back to Cleveland that night
Friday: Work all day
Saturday: Pageant Rehearsal
Sunday: Church, Choir Rehearsal, Beth stops on her way back from Indiana

Hopefully my Mom and I will get some Christmas shopping done amidst all my activities. I've got most of my gifts purchased, with the exception of my brother and sister and in-laws. Oh, and my husband. I also want to get my Christmas tree sometime in the near future, but I refuse to do that till it's actually December.

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