Tuesday, September 04, 2007

finally getting things done

On my day(s) off, I rarely sit around and do nothing, and this past Labor Day weekend was no exception.

Ryan and I finally got up into the attic to clean up the mess the roofers left behind. (Note: the photo to the left is not of our actual attic, although it is similar.) Once we had surveyed the area and assessed what we needed to do, the whole project took less than an afternoon. This included sweeping, vacuuming, ripping out old carpeting, and making fun of how each other looked wearing a dust mask. Among the various and assorted sundries we unearthed, we found: Legos, puzzle pieces, cigarette butts, broken glass, nails and staples of all kinds, a pair of little kid underwear, someone's Power of Attorney form, and a Medicaid brochure from 1967.

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Julia said...

I need to get into our attic and do some straightening. It's not terrible up there, but a little cluttered. Plus, I have a feeling a lot of stuff that's currently in the "office" off our living room is going to find a new home up there.

Now if I could just get around to moving all the stuff in our garage into its proper place we could park BOTH cars in there!