Thursday, September 13, 2007

bird heaven

Holy mother-lode.

I don't know how I missed this site before, but I've recently discovered it. A quick search for "birds" returned hundreds of pages. *Pant, pant* I won't even tell you what I got when I searched "bird" and "book" (my 2 favorite things).

Check out all the hand-made goodies! I am envisioning gifts galore for friends and family, collecting some creative ideas. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.


Ryan said...

Ooooh, I don't get to do this very often... hardly ever, really.

It's not "mother-load," but "mother-lode." It originates as a gold and/or silver mining term.

Thanks to Merriam-Webster's website.

Mother lode = df. "Function: noun
1 : the principal vein or lode of a region
2 : a principal source or supply"

And yes, there seems to be a ton of goodies for up-coming holiday cards, etc!

battlemaiden said...

Jeez! I changed it.