Monday, September 08, 2008

supporting my sweetie

I hadn't been to a lot of Varnish Cooks shows lately, so I went to one at Johnny's Irish Pub right before we left for Cape May. (Ben was my date for that show.)

When I wasn't indulging in the many Pale Ales that kept showing up in my hand somehow (even people I barely knew were buying me beers!), I was doing a lot of picture-taking of the band, and of the friends who attended the show.

I love how the lights are swirling around in some of these shots. It's almost an exact pictorial representation of my slightly inebriated, happy state of mind at the time.

Last weekend, I tagged along with Ryan and the other guys to the Turtle Hill Folk Festival. There was something serenely relaxing about sitting in a church pew listening to the band while casually thumbing through the Presby hymnal in front of me. Maybe it was because I never get to sit in a church pew and meditate because I'm always sitting behind the piano instead.

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