Friday, September 05, 2008

Skywatch Friday - 9/5/08

I love looking at the Skywatch Friday posts on the other blogs I usually read . I have a lot of photos of the sky, so I decided to participate. My contribution this week:

I took this photo* a few weeks ago. This was the view of a protected nesting site in the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge. I love how three-dimensional the clouds look in contrast with the flat beach.

[*at the suggestion of a commenter, I enlarged it and re-posted.]


kjpweb said...

Beautiful indeed! Great Skywatch!
Makes me want to go to the beach.
Cheers, Klaus

Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful shots of the clouds they look so fluffy

chrome3d said...

I love the feeling in that could be a little bit bigger.

Tommy V said...

nice clouds.. I like the beach under them