Wednesday, August 25, 2004

How's this for irony?

So, yesterday Ryan tells me he's using the Kostka/Payne Tonal Harmony text in school, which is the same book Julia and I used at B-W. This prompted me to dig out some of my old notes, all of which I kept. Leafing through them, I discovered several quotes I had written down, coined by our old Harmony professor Dr. Hirt. Love that man....

A few of my favorite Hirt-isms:
"If I'd had good eyes, I would've been a fighter pilot."

Written on a homework assignment:
"Thanks for keeping your work from last quarter - 20 points extra credit"

In reference to an F#-Ab-C triad:
"Root-less sonorities, not ruthless...ruthless...heh heh heh."

"You don't hear spelling. Spelling does not preclude function."

"But wait, Dr. Hirt! You have two secondary dominants in a row! So what?!"

"My wife says I'm the only one who thinks I'm funny."

"Two tritones nested inside one each other...that's a train...hmm...train-tone?!"

In reference to a female classmate's red sweater:
"That's a nice sweater. I would wear it, I mean, if I know..."

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