Friday, August 13, 2004

and in other news...

1. Courtney asked me to post this link to Electile Dysfunction 2004 - Maxim's online election coverage which is being handled ever-so-astutely by her "hot friend".

2. Hopefully, Julia and Matt are enjoying their honeymoon cruise in the Southern Caribbean, and not being adversely affected by the untimely weather anomalies going on out there.

3. Hopefully, my brother, sister, and friends enjoyed the third-to-last Phish show in Camden, N.J. last night. Wonder if they left the leaky tent at home this time.

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Matt said...

Actually, we floated through hurricane "Charles" as it was forming at sea. Not too powerful at the time, but strong enough to rock the boat a little. It was an amazing site to see from the sports deck on the very top of the ship forward!