Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Almost a disaster

Friday night we went over to Ben and Susan's for a wine-drinking-classical-music-listening get together.

(This is what happens when Ben has too much.)

On the evening's agenda was, first and foremost, the consumption of five bottles of wine between the four of us. I think my favorite was the Piping Shrike Shiraz that Ryan and I had selected.

And for the listening segment?
1. the Meyer Bottesini Concertos with Josh Bell (hubba hubba) and Yo-Yo Ma (Ben's selection)
2. Dear Boy from Candide (Bernstein, of course), and some other things that escape me now, which Susan chose. I vaguely recall some Sinatra in there somewhere. Susan - some help??
...and the three things I brought over as my contribution:
3. the Mahler 9th (New York Phil with Kurt Masur)
4. The Great Gates of Kiev from Pictures (my favorite Cleveland Orchestra/Dohnanyi recording of all time)
5. the first movement from Brahms' 4th in E Minor, Op. 98
Maybe it was the wine, but I cried pretty much all night. I wish everyone could be moved by music like that.

Once we ran out of wine, though, Ben convinced us to go to Jack's for last call. At first we thought we'd walk, since it's nearby. We headed out up the hill, the three of us arm in arm, with Susan still at home passed out on the living room floor. I guess I decided I didn't want to walk so we turned around and got in the car. After a pint or two of Guinness, well...I've definitely felt better than I did Saturday morning.

Good times.


Jay said...

Ah that's a shame, wine went to waste and ruined the carpet.

Ryan said...

Ah, but the carpet wasn't ruined. Although, the wine was wasted, it's true.

Heidi hon, you were a champ Friday night, but you didn't have such a good time of it Saturday for sure. Poor lass! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! ;o)