Friday, November 14, 2003

We have not had heat in the office all week. Today I am huddled so close to the space heater under my desk, I will probably ignite my sweater. My fingers are practically frozen to my keyboard this morning, as it is a frigid 60 degrees in here. It feels like someone left all the windows open over night.

The repair guys have been unable to fix the heating system, since that involves climbing up on the roof, and since we have had such high winds here, they have been reluctant to do any work. (Go here to read about damage caused by the tornado touchdown in Wooster.) Incidentally, the winds were so high Wednesday night, they blew our backyard fence down. They also blew away the Century 21 sign in the front yard. Kevin asked me if we still had to sell the house since the sign is now gone. Yes, yes we do. *chuckles*

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