Thursday, November 06, 2003

It's getting chilly here again. I think I can safely put away the grill for the winter. Last night we had our last bbq and I stood outside shivering in Husband's jean jacket while I flipped burgers. Brr.

I have choir practice tonight, to which I ordinarily look forward, except this year has been different. I realize everyone has 'stuff' going on in their lives, but people just can't seem to leave it outside the door when they come in for rehearsal. The last few weeks have been nothing but bitching and moaning, complaining and negativity. I am tired of it. Regardless of how bad things get in my own life, I try to keep my complaints to myself, because life is too short to be in a sour mood all the time, and it's contagious. So I say to them, 'walk a mile in my shoes, and then you can have bitching rights.'

On the agenda for the weekend...packing and cleaning, cleaning and packing, and another Open House on Sunday. I can't wait. *snort*

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