Monday, October 20, 2003

I'm pretty sure I've been firewalled out of my e-mail from work. Their little passive aggressive way of controlling things, I suppose, since no one ever told me I couldn't check e-mail from work.


The realtor came over on Sunday, went through the house and told me everything I'm doing wrong in my housekeeping. Well, of course I know I should clean up the cat hair that collects on the basement stairs, but when you work 55-60 hours a week, who has time for that? I saw some article somewhere on things you should do to help your house sell. These things include rolling your towels instead of folding them, to make your bathroom seem like a spa. Which I did, but don't tell anyone. It also suggested baking a pie for a nostalgic, comforting effect. Again, who has time for that crap?

The realtor also came back this morning to take pictures for the internet and to put a lock box on the door. I cannot imagine other people coming into my house and looking in my closets and cupboards. How creepy.

Our first Open House is this Sunday.

To make matters worse, Boss renigged on letting me have the day after Thanksgiving off. Originally we had planned to go to Columbus for a somewhat long weekend with my aunt, my mother, my sister and her boyfriend. I can forget about that now. I am really pissed off about that, because this was the only thing I had to look forward to. So I cried in the bathroom for 10 minutes after he told me I couldn't have the day off.

Unbelievable. Things just get worse by the day. And I'm not looking for pity, I just feel like shit lately - run down and unmotivated to do anything, let alone try to keep a positive attitude about any of this.

Somebody kick me in the ass, will ya?

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