Thursday, October 23, 2008

Images of Autumn, Part 2

Ahh, Montezuma. Last time we visited, we didn't see anything too out of the ordinary. There were lots of great shore birds, ducks and geese. Loved the coots and American wigeon. I was hoping to see some brant or snow geese. No such luck. We did get some good looks at a bunch of yellow-rumped warblers bee-bopping around in the area below. They sure enjoyed flashing their rear-ends at us!

The vistas were spectacular as always, but the leaves floating in all the various pools were also interesting to look at.

Last weekend Kirk and Kristi joined us for a roasted turkey breast dinner. We gorged as usual. I think the table looked unusually nice, with my assorted gourds and herbs and clippings from the yard. I wished I had some pinecones, though!

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Mr. Nighttime said...

One of these days, I need to get to Montezuma. Beautiful pics, thanks.