Saturday, June 14, 2008

the week in review

It's been a busy week with little time for posting. Here's what I've been up to:

Sunday, 6/8, I went to Hot Blues for the Homeless to support Ryan (that's him there, on the Left, along with Gordon Munding, Curtis Waterman, and Washboard Dave). And the homeless. At above 90 degrees outside that day, boy was it hot.

Monday - Tuesday, 6/9-6/10, we had not one but TWO birthdays at our house! The puppeh turned 5 this week. (Check out that sunburn on my shoulders. Ouch!)

Wednesday - Thursday, 6/11-6/12, I finished up the planting. I got my heirloom tomatoes in, including everyone's favorite, The Mortgage Lifter. I also planted basil, parsley, petunias, marigolds, chives and thyme. I think, however, I'll have to put in more basil since we tend to use prodigious amounts throughout the summer. Anyone for pesto?

Busy weeks also mean little time for yard-work, other than what is absolutely necessary (that'd be the basil). As a result, we have an interesting assortment of weeds and non-native invasive plants growing all over. Sometimes, they're pretty. I have no idea what this is. Anyone know? I'm not so good with my wildflowers yet.

Earlier this past week, I scored Jazz Fest tickets to Frank Sinatra, Jr. So, after a lovely al fresco dinner at Aladdin's last night, Ryan and I went up and heard the son of Ol' Blue Eyes in a really classy concert. I was slightly apprehensive that it was going to be a lame show, but it turned into a very nice evening.

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Ryan said...

It's not your shoulders I notice in that fine picture of you & the puppeh! *wink*

Nice hat too, by the way!