Thursday, March 31, 2005

my thoughts on the plight of Terri Schiavo

I am so gosh-darn sick and tired of hearing about Terri Schiavo.

Thank goodness the poor woman finally died today, the way she wished. I hope. I am disappointed that her husband, Michael Schiavo, did not allow Terri's parents to witness her passing. But then again, I know what it's like to be at war against one's in-laws. Hopefully, we do not know all of the circumstances. In such a difficult struggle that has been systematically exploited by the media, our scarily Evangelical-becoming government, and the overzealous pro-lifers looking for a "cause", it is my sincere hope that some family privacy has been maintained through unquestionably very delicate moments.

This whole ordeal sickens me. In the last week or so, I have had colorful discussions related to the Terri Schiavo situation with friends and family members. My personal opinion is that of Michael Schiavo's, and maybe for more personal reasons than I like to admit. Yes, the man has a girlfriend and children by the girlfriend, but legally he was still responsible for his wife. I do not know why he chose not to divorce Terri, or get an annulment, or separation, or whatever, aside from the obvious inability of Terri to sign any paperwork. Perhaps he is a raging egomaniac obsessed with power struggle. Or perhaps he really was a caring, loyal husband devoted to seeking the fulfillment of his former wife's wishes. I don't really care to pick apart Michael Schiavo's motives or intentions.

What really steams me is the pro-lifer argument: it is amoral, sinful, against God, etc. to remove the feeding tube and let Terri die. Couldn't it be argued that all of this...the heart attack leading to Terri Schiavo's brain damage and persistent vegetative state, the long legal fights, the money, the pain, the removal of the feeding tube and its reinsertion a few years ago, the final removal of the tube days ago, and finally her death this morning...couldn't it be argued that all of that was "God's Will"? If the heart attack and subsequent brain damage were indeed God's Will in the first place, then who are we to interfere with that? Who are we to keep poor Terri Schiavo from going home to God?

Her parents, I think, were not "good Christians" with respect to this argument. They were scared and selfish. They clung to a pretty lifeless daughter for 14 years because they were too weak to accept the Will of God. Instead, the created a 14 year legal distraction for themselves so they wouldn't have to deal with reality.

Read a column from the Editor of Newsweek here - confusing law with theology.


Anonymous said...

He stayed with her til the lawsuit was over...once he was awarded that $2 million, that's when the removing of the feeding tube controversy started. Ha...they should get him for adultery, ya know?


battlemaiden said...

It's my understanding that all the money awarded in that lawsuit went to medical and legal expenses and none of it is left now. Also, Terri's parents encouraged Michael Schiavo to date, and to bring his dates home to meet them.