Thursday, March 03, 2005


I have not felt like writing lately.

There has been plenty of typing, but I have not been motivated at all to actually pick up a pen and write something on paper. I wish this wasn't the case, because I don't much trust my memory for things I don't tell anyone.

I may not remember, even next year, how last week I picked up and took a little trip and didn't tell anyone. Which is something I promised I'd never do again. Not after a certain incident in Philadelphia a few years ago. I also may not remember how my moods and emotions have been drastically fluctuating for just under a week. I hope, at least, that's only hormonal.

For me, this winter has been nearly unbearable. Mother Nature teases with her quick rays of sunshine before yanking them back and choking them out with her clouds...a day or two above 30 degrees, then we are plunged back into frigidly dry ice-walls of cold air.

I don't leave the house unless necessary.

I eat too much chocolate ice cream.

I sleep too late in the day.

I don't care enough.

On Tuesday I forced myself to go outside. Armed with my digi, I took some photos of the neighborhood under the blanket of snow that fell Monday night. Everything was a dull white and grey. Even the red, blue, yellow, and brown houses neighboring mine looked bleak and colorless. I tried - I really did - to see the beauty, but the snow seemed contrived. Hollow. Dubious.


Ryan said...

Hang in there honey, we're almost through the winter. It's been a bear for me too, you know I'm struggling. But it is already March, so we're probably almost due for some warmer weather & sunshine. I hope. *crosses fingers*

Cassandra said...

Hello Ms. Battlemaiden ~

Nice to read you. I am tickled with curiosity and ready to devour your beautifully constructed blog. Unfortunately, my crazy busy season schedule won't allow for it....right now. I look forward to curling up in my clunky chair with only the computer screen illuminating the darkness of my room (schedule only allows for middle of the night blog pleasures) and reading to my hearts content.

Until then ~

p.s. thanks for stopping by - read often - comment lots

p.p.s. I thought your photos were beautiful - the flat grey and white was comforting in a serene kinda way. That being said, I'm much happier surrounding myself with intense, vibrant colors. The cool thing about winter is finding the rainbow even when it's masked by a thick sheet of flat white. It's there. on the inside.