Wednesday, March 09, 2005

escaped just in time

It seems that my former hometown of Cleveland is one of the most depressed cities in the nation. According to an article in Men's Health, Cleveland received a big fat "F" and ranks at #92 in a list of 101. (Worth noting - Buffalo came in at #11 and got a B-. How'd that happen?!)

Other interesting facts:
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city landed the No. 1 rating in terms of big-city poverty in the United States. It was also ranked as the worst major city for children to live in, and it was the 20th most dangerous city in the country, according to Morgan Quitno Press, a Lawrence, Ka.-based publishing and research company. Cleveland landed in the top 10 list of cities where living is difficult. A study from the Rockefeller Institute said Cleveland is among a handful of American cities where major urban hardship has existed for decades. Men's Health also listed Cleveland as one of the flabbiest cities in the United States in October.

While there are specific things about the city that I miss terribly (the Orchestra, the CMA, the MOCA, Coventry & Tommy's, Tower City, etc.), contrary to popular belief (and you know who you are), I do NOT want to move back.

So there.

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