Monday, January 24, 2005

snow, snow, snow

This was the view Saturday night leaving the birthday celebration at the Grill. Yes, I actually hung my head out the window of the moving vehicle to snap this photo.

Yesterday, I arrived at work, after an hour-long commute (which normally takes me 25 minutes) on treacherous highway, to this:

1. An unplowed parking lot, snowplow stuck in snowbank, the irony of which needs no words.
2. The front door of the building frozen shut. I had to sit in my car and wait for someone else to show up to help me get the door open.
3. These words from the Pastor: "Oh, you didn't need to come in today. I was going to call you last night, but I forgot."

'Nuff said.


Julia said...

You're fucking kidding me. Sorry... but the fact that the Pastor neglected to call you when the weather and roads were incredibly shitty called for that kind of language.

Ryan said...

I think you were fortified by beer when you took that photo. Good shot, regardless! And I agree that you should bring the whole concept of an emergency plan up at the next meeting so you don't have to drive around in stuff like that. (who would've given you a ride in the Subaru? Hmmm...)

battlemaiden said... wonder why I don't remember being cold while capturing said photo.

And yes, an emergency contingency plan is in order, now that I am the committee chair who decides such things. Also, we will discuss a raise.

Ryan said...

You're the committee chair! Wow, you're advancing like crazy through the chain-of-command at this church. Keep up the good work. Next thing you know you'll be the pastor, and then... deity! No-one can stop you now!!!