Thursday, January 20, 2005

bbq and blues

Friday, Lauren and I went out to Brockport to hear Ryan play a gig at the Merchant Street Smokehouse.

While the food was decent at best, (go to Sticky Lips or the Dino instead), Lauren and I had a great time people-watching. Especially the overzealous under-agers and groupies dressed for 70 degree weather rather than 20 degree weather. Check out the rabid fan in the photo on the bottom (in the gray sweatshirt).

The band was entertaining...good original tunes, adequate covers. We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the "less bass, more harmonica". The crowd seemed to like it, too; meanwhile Lauren and I were having trouble enough with the idiot bartender who wouldn't give Lauren our $1 draughts for Ladies' Night. Sometimes complaining actually is effective - in this case we got a round of free drinks!

1 comment:

Ryan said...

How about, "more bass, less asshole bartender?"

Thanks for coming, gorgeous ;o)